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Owners of The Bayview Pub: Tony Buak and Patty Buak


Welcome to The Bayview Pub!

Owned by Tony and Patricia Buak, The Bayview Pub is a vibrant addition to Sitka's dining scene. Tony, with over 30 years of experience in the international food business, and Patty, a master of agribusiness, found their way to Sitka in 2015, drawn by the allure of this coastal paradise.

A Culinary Journey

Tony's passion for the kitchen led him back from the world of international commerce to his culinary roots. Trained as a chef in San Francisco and honing his skills in Copenhagen, Tony envisioned a place where high-quality food meets a welcoming atmosphere.

A Shared Dream

Their journey to Sitka began with Tony's fishing trips with business clients, where Patty's prowess with a rod became evident. In 2015, fate led them to The Bayview Pub, a space once owned by the Jenks brothers, whose dream of a cozy pub had captivated Sitka's locals.

Continuing the Legacy

Upon acquiring the pub, Tony and Patty infused it with their vision: a place where everyone feels at home, enjoying fresh pub fare and a curated selection of beverages. While enhancing the menu and ambiance, they remain committed to the Jenks brothers' ethos of continuous improvement.

Join Us

At The Bayview Pub, we're not just about great food and drinks; we're about creating memorable experiences. Join us as we continue to craft a welcoming haven where every visit feels like coming home.

See you soon at The Bayview Pub!



Founders of The Bayview Pub in Sitka
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